Implement 2FA. Secure your Customers, Apps and Business

Vereafy ensures that both frontend and backend access to your apps are approved by the authorized person.

Single Integration. Multiple 2FA Options

Responsively adapts to the customer or business’s situation


Time-based One Time PIN solution requests that app users generate a One Time PIN with their Android app and use it for authorizing login to their accounts.



Levereges Push Notifications and similar technologies to show a prompt on user’s device requiring that they confirm or decline a login request.



Our callback solution checks to ensure that a user does not submit a random number on your site but a number they actually have access to.



SMS OTP auto-generates SMS messages and delivers them provided phone number. This solution uses machin learning.


Voice OTP

Similar to SMS OTP but rather than texting dials the provided number and reads the OTP to the user so that they can type it into the web form


Vereafy is Versatile

Relevant in every verification scenario

Number verification

Mobile numbers are registered with the telecoms operators via a process that involves bio-data capture. Vereafy ensures that the user receives the number on same device where the app is installed.


Access Control

From the moment a user activates 2FA with Vereafy on their account, they begin to control access to their account. Whether they use the account alone or share access with team members, the principal account owner is in control.


Transaction Authorization

Gives users the power to authorize sensitive transactions such as payments. When linked to bank account, for instance, Vereafy makes fund transfer impossible even when a scammer has got the customer’s card information.


Simple & Elegant Dashboard

Monitor all 2FA verifications in one place

A picture of the Cecula Vereafy Management Dashboard

Integrate in Five Minutes or Less

Register your App

Your app whether website, mobile app or a service needs to have a unique identifier. When your register apps, Cecula will generate an API Key for your app which uniquely identifies your app afterwards.

Activate Vereafy

Turn on the lights! Vereafy is deactivated by default and requires that you activate it along with other Cecula services that you may find interesting.

Copy Snippet

Our callback solution checks to ensure that a user does not submit a random number on your site but a number they actually have access to.

Display the Vereafy Badge

The Vereafy badge informs your users that they need the Vereafy app to verify their number and protect their account, and communicate your commitment towards their online safety.

For Advanced Integration, See Integration Guide


Our commitment is to make Vereafy accessible to businesses of every scale.
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