Communication is better Two-Way

Your organizations' branches, centres and remote teams across the world can now send and receive messages from same mobile number at the same time.


Two-way messaging finally makes sense

Improved Delivery

Sync ensures near 100% delivery for all messages expecially when used together with InReach.

Increased Opens

Naturally, recipients will Trust and open messages that originate from standard long number.

Roam Freely

Leave your SIM back home. Send and receive communication via Cecula while abroad.

Offline Live-Chat

Empowers Web-based Live-Chat with customers in locations with poor or zero internet coverage.

Automate Subscriptions

Setup and receive automated subscriptions to your Cecula campaigns and groups via sms.

Receive SMS

Receive SMS into your Cecula Inbox or your own application or service when you integrate.

Get your SIM Card Ready

Two Ways to Sync

Depending on your scenario, you can use Sync as an app or on our cloud infrastructure.

Sync App

Sync App
We believe you should be in control of your communication - we have built an Android app that transforms your smartphone into a powerful business communication router.

Sync Cloud

Sync Cloud
We understand the issues - stable power supply and internet connectivity - we have setup the infrastructure that ensures you are always on, always connected and always available.

Get your SIM card ready

or lease a number on the Sync Cloud