to a Life-Long Relationship

Be Reachable, Always On, Smart and Responsive. Connect with your people regardless of the kind of phone they can afford. Hosting a Dedicated SIM on Cecula Sync Cloud unlocks incredible opportunities, freedom and power for your organisation to reliably Authenticate, Engage and Retain people.


Reasons to host a Dedicated SIM on Cecula Sync Cloud

Two-Factor Authentication

You can verify numbers signing up on your platform by sending OTP Code, Calling, or Requesting a Missed Call to your dedicated number.

Delivery TO DND-Numbers

Sync ensures near 100% delivery for all SMS. Your SMS will deliver to numbers bulk sms platforms cannot reach due to operator-level DND.

Deeper Engagement

With a personalized number your customers are acquainted with and can reply through. Get Personal.

Receive Unlimited SMS

Read them on Cecula platform or setup a webhook to receive the messages into your app.

Number Database Cleanup

You could send missed calls to your marketing database. Using the response you can filter out numbers that are reachable from the others.

Automate Subscriptions

No need for expensive SMS. You can ask your recipients to OPT-IN to your SMS by sending a missed call.

Easy Integration

Our APIs speak the simple and popular JSON. Setup Webhooks for receiving Incoming SMS, Delivery Reports, Outbound and Inbound Call Reports.

Call & SMS Auto-Response

Send automated SMS replies for incoming SMS and Calls.

Roam Freely

Leave your SIM back home. Send and receive communication via Cecula while abroad.

Get a Dedicated Mobile Number

Two Ways to Sync

Depending on your scenario, you can use Sync as an app or on our SIM Hosting infrastructure.

Sync App

Sync App
We believe you should be in control of your communication - we have built an Android app that transforms your smartphone into a powerful business communication router.

Sync Cloud

Sync Cloud
We understand the issues - stable power supply and internet connectivity - we have setup the SIM Hosting infrastructure that ensures you are always on, always connected and always available.