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Use Vereafy Two-Factor Authentication Service to send OTPs for verifying mobile numbers on Signups, Logins, Password Resets and at Transaction Time. Optimize the returns on your Marketing Investment.
Code faster with our libraries for Java, Android and Kotlin, NodeJS, JavaScript and PHP available on GitHub.


Simple API

No long stories. Vereafy endpoints are RESTful and excitingly simple.

PIN Generation

Don't worry about the PIN. Send only the mobile number and we'll handle the PIN Generation.

Message Generation

Our Machine Learning algorithm will auto-generate your messages to optimize delivery.

Number Verification

Cecula Vereafy saves you cost by first verifying a number before sending the message.

99.9% Delivery Guaranteed!

Vereafy is smart and is not affected by telco enforced DND. Your messages will deliver on schedule.

Free Retries

Sometimes users impatiently hit Retry Links. Vereafy handles retries smartly. No additional costs.

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